SOGIF Update

Dear Friend,

Thank you for your interest in the Strategic Opportunities (Growth & Income) Fund (“SOGIF” or “the Fund”).

I need to humbly confess that the start-up related administration and compliance requirements have been more arduous than anticipated, or what existed when the US Fund was set up in 2012. Navigating the tricky and complex rules such as the ‘know your client’, ‘anti-money laundering’ and the like have resulted in unanticipated and regrettable delays.

We knew a 6th July launch would be a tight deadline because lead director Paul Harper was scheduled to be overseas honouring a commitment he made 18 months ago. However we wanted to enable Passive Income (USA Commercial Property) Fund (“US Fund”) investors to set up a Fund account and to authorise the auto-reinvestment of their June US Fund distribution, so we pushed ahead.

Regrettably, the extra compliance and administration workload that I have taken on in Paul’s absence has had a detrimental impact on my health, requiring me to ease back or risk burnout. Furthermore, it has me questioning whether my agreed role – executive Fund oversight and detailed assistance in setting strategy, sourcing property deals and completing due diligence on real estate acquisitions, is realistic.

Paul is back on the 20th July. Some time will be needed to plan a way forward where my involvement is limited to non-operational roles. Naturally, you’ll be fully briefed on this topic as part of the Product Disclosure Statement and explanatory webinars.

I plan to email another update on or before the end of August. To ensure you receive it please make sure you have registered here: If you are in any doubt about whether you have already registered, please register again as double registration won’t cause any harm.

In the meantime Paul and his team will continue resolving the outstanding issues while I’ll be keeping a keen eye on the economy and potential property deals.

I’m aware reading this may cause disappointment and I sincerely apologise for that.

Please note your US FUnd June 2023 distribution of 25 cents per unit will be paid as cash and electronically transferred to your nominated bank account on or before 21st July. If you need to change your bank account details please complete and mail in a change of details form. You can check your nominated bank account information via the Investor Portal.


– Steve McKnight

General Advice Warning: This information is of a general nature only and does not take into account your objectives, financial situation or needs. You should consider the Product Disclosure Statement (dated 4 July 2018) issued by Plantation Capital Limited ACN 133 678 029 AFSL 339481 in deciding whether to acquire an interest in the Passive Income (USA Commercial Property) Fund. Pty Ltd is an authorised representative of Plantation Capital Limited ABN 98 096 059 353, AFSL 339481. Past performance is not a guarantee of future performance.