Distribution Reinvestment Authority Form

This webpage explains how to make or update a distribution reinvestment authority form (DRAF) election for some or all of your Passive Income (USA Commercial Property) Fund (US Fund) distributions to be automatically applied as a top up investment in the Strategic Opportunities (Growth & Income) Fund (SOGIF).

Zero Contribution Fee

As you may know, any automatic reinvestment of your US Fund distribution as a top up to your SOGIF investment via the DRAF process attracts a 0% contribution fee. This can result in a significant saving.

Before Beginning…

Please note that in order to participate you must first have opened a SOGIF investment account in the same name as the entity holding your US Fund investment.

Opening a SOGIF investment account requires that you complete your application and identification requirements, remit your investment sum (min. $10,000), and be issued with a SOGIF investor number. To be effective this will need to be done at least three business day prior to a US Fund distribution being paid.

Detailed information about how to invest in SOGIF can be found here.

If you are not a SOGIF investor and make a DRAF election then your distribution will be paid as cash.

Online DRAF Election

The process to make or change your DRAF election is now managed online via the steps outlined below.

The offline form is no longer available publicly, however if needed in special circumstances you can request it by emailing admin@sogif.au.

Step 1: Login to the Online Investor

Head to https://portal.passiveincomefund.com/py/sys.pyc

Once there input your Account Number, Email Address and Post Code associated with your account.

Next, click the box about privacy details.

Finally, click the ‘Verify Details’ button.

If you have forgotten your details click the ‘Forgot My Details’ text below the ‘Verify Details’ button.

Step 2: Click the People Icon

In the grey background header, and to the right of your Investor name and Investor number you will see three icons.

Click the middle icon (looks like two people) to expand your Portfolio details.

Step 3: DRAF Election

Under the heading ‘DRAF’ you will see a dropdown box.

Click on the down arrow in the right of that box to expand the selection: 0%, 25%, 50% 75% or 100% of your future US Fund distribution(s) that you would like to elect to have reinvested as a top up to your SOGIF investment account.

Click the percentage you would like to elect.

Step 4: Declaration Consent

Click the box ‘I have read and consent to the Declaration’ (click ‘Declaration’ to see the terms).

Step 5: Update Request

Click the ‘Update Request’ button to authorise your request.


The database update will be reflected by the text that appears below the ‘Send Update Request’ button that says:

“You have elected to reinvest XX.0% of your future fund investments in SOGIF.”

Need Help?

If you need any assistance in completing this process please email admin@sogif.au.

General Advice Warning: This information is of a general nature only and does not take into account your objectives, financial situation or needs. You should consider the Product Disclosure Statement (dated 4 July 2018) issued by Plantation Capital Limited ACN 133 678 029 AFSL 339481 in deciding whether to acquire an interest in the Passive Income (USA Commercial Property) Fund. PropertyInvesting.com Pty Ltd is an authorised representative of Plantation Capital Limited ABN 98 096 059 353, AFSL 339481. Past performance is not a guarantee of future performance.